ProEdge Kettlebells: preparing you for life’s great adventures

At ProEdge Kettlebells, playing hard is a way of life. We know being fit and strong takes work, but we’re not into spending hours a day in front of a mirror pumping iron or walking a treadmill. And we’re over being cooped up in a gym or confined to a health club. Life is short. We’re about getting out there and living it.

We provide instruction in a wide array of exercises and techniques that will more than satisfy your desire for variety. From traditional kettlebell training to the advanced juggling moves that make up our exclusive Kettlebell Athletic Training (K.A.T.) Fitness System, our training methods are designed to challenge you physically and mentally.

And help you achieve the kind of results that bring great adventures within reach.

Find out more about the instruction we offer.

Read an article about the K.A.T. Fitness System published in Onnit Academy magazine.

Meet owner Gus Petersen

"This has been the most profound training regimen I have ever encountered.  I am noticeably stronger, more flexible and have better muscle definition at 40 than I did in my 30s. Kettlebell training has enabled me to ski more aggressively and with less recovery time than I’ve been able to in many years."

—Ed Venerable, owner, Paragon Homes


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