Kettlebell juggling DVDs

Our line of kettlebell juggling DVDs provides progressive instruction in our exclusive Kettlebell Athletic Training (K.A.T.) Fitness System.
Sold individually and as a set, these dynamic DVDs follow a clear, step-by-step progression designed to crank up your athletic skills, functional strength, and cardio endurance with a single, all-encompassing training system. View the trailer for Disc 2.
Get ready to hone your game and your physique with the most adventurous training system you’ve ever encountered.



Kettlebell juggling DVDs

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"Gus Petersen's amazing Kettlebell Athletic Training Fitness System is one of the most innovative programs I have seen in a long, long time. Worthy of great study and great practice. If you are looking for a truly supreme level of athleticism and resilience, [check it out]."

—John DuCane, publisher, Dragon Door Publications

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