Kettlebell instruction tailored to your fitness goals

Whether you’re a couch potato looking for a fun way to get in shape, a serious athlete seeking an effective way to enhance your sports performance, or a weekend warrior gearing up for your next challenging adventure, we can customize a training program to meet your needs. Based in Denver, we offer:

• Private and semi-private personal training
• Workshops
• Corporate wellness
• Adventure travel
• Training DVDs.

Training outside the box

The mobility and versatility of our training tool of choice allow us the freedom to move beyond the health club. We provide kettlebell instruction at a variety of convenient locations, including:

• Private homes
• Public parks
• Private studios
• Corporate fitness facilities
• Our indoor/outdoor studio in Lakewood, Colorado.

Contact us for information on pricing and programs tailored to your fitness goals.

"This style of training has truly changed my life. I spend far less time in a gym and more time living the active lifestyle I love. Literally everything I do—from golfing and skiing to hiking, rock climbing and surfing—is exponentially easier and a lot more fun!"

—Karen Petersen

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